Re-Energize Gum.
Dot-Connecting • Prototyping • Creation • Cadence Strategy

Trend, Consumer, Capabilities & Retail Dot-Connecting:

We mapped the current and future landscape of consumers’ energy needs and identified a series of compelling benefits that gum—Wrigley Gum!—could uniquely own. We then translated these insights to the retail environment and carved out a meaningful place for Wrigley’s new offering to play—one that bridged contexts and categories and offered new legs to gum.


Rapid Prototyping:

Make. Provoke. Learn. Iterate. We coordinated this process to work like clockwork among Wrigley’s R&D, Engineering, Insights, and Marketing teams. After just a few rapid rounds of prototyping, we arrived at an iteration that consumers and retailers alike could not wait to get in their hands.

Total Proposition-Offering Creation:

The Wrigley team came to us with an idea and an ambition: energy gum, ready for launch in 120 days. We came back with a commitment and a plan: dedicated team, 117 DAYS. In that time, we brought their idea to life holistically—product, pack, name, messaging, merchandising, and launch plan. Together, we were limitless and fast!


Retail & Innovation Cadence Strategy:

It’s not our style to do one-and-done innovations or incomplete handoffs. From the start, we geared up the team to be thinking about a pipeline of offerings with a thoughtful and strategic rollout plan. We considered all aspects of this—the shoppers that would lead adoption, the retailers that would lead performance, and the 2.0 offerings that would keep momentum high.


The Results:

Engineered one of the fastest new brand and product launches in company history.

14 Months
from product charter to product shipments.

Helped Wrigley launch an immediate success story:

Top-Turning SKU
at several key retailers within weeks of arriving on shelves.


Win over Modern Moms.
Diagnostics • Design • Reinvention • Creation

Brand & Category Decline Diagnostics:

Through a series of consumer immersion and co-creation steps, we led the brand on an experiential journey to understand modern moms—their making, caretaking, and buying behaviors and the “whys” behind them.


Industrial Design:

In collaboration with OI, a leading glass manufacturer, Bluedog designed a new glass jar for Beech-Nut fondly called “the honeypot”—and transformed the face of simplicity and purity in the category.


Brand Positioning & Identity Reinvention:

We employed the rigor and reliability of our RAPID INVENTION™ process to rename, redesign, and rewrite the Beech-Nut brand playbook in less than 120 DAYS.

Relaunch Strategy & Sell-Story Creation:

"Don’t sell it—embed it!" That was our goal. We helped Beech-Nut and its retail partners unlock creative ways to drive new meaning and associations for the brand and category—from trial-driving promotions to unexpected displays.


Orchestrate a Flawless Launch.
Alignment & Action • Optimization • Simulation & Scenario Planning


Organizational Alignment & Action:

After several failed attempts, the Wrigley team engaged Bluedog to bridge functional silos, help optimize their new pack type launch, and ensure ramp-up, rollout, and in-market success. We delivered via a series of strategically planned workshops and implementation of a set of custom collaboration best practices.

Cost Structure Optimization:

In order to justify a multimillion-dollar capital investment, we led the team through an "MVP" (minimum viable proposition) workshop and arrived at a final proposition that eliminated multiple costly attributes and retained (even amplified!) product features of greatest consumer value.


Launch Simulation & Scenario Planning:

Delay, disruption, and discrepancies in supply and demand were not an option for this highly anticipated and business-critical launch. We helped the team simulate different launch scenarios and chart a course to minimize risk and maximize upside.


Enabled Wrigley to be first to market in the us with a winning front-end bulk pack type.

Durable, refillable, pocketable stick gum pack type holding 35 pieces!

Established repeatable cross-functional collaboration and innovation best practices:

Earned the project team
corporate-wide recognition
and set a new standard!


Modernize &
Grow Velocity

We leveraged our Jobs to Be Done framework to unlock the magic and connect with consumers through packaging.

It's not always top of mind to protect various personal and household items. Scotchgard now reminds you what needs protecting!

ScotchGard Products

Break the Mold.

We leveraged our Men's Lensesan insights-based design tool that defies "marketing to men" stereotypes—in order to extend the Totino's brand into new occasions and a bold new consumer target.