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Complexity exists everywhere for everyone,

until something unlocks it.

That “something” is often simple, yet big — an epiphany — a deeply motivating expression of clarity and true understanding.

We Create Epiphanies.

It’s been called elegant, illuminating, genius, and killer— but above all else,
it’s transformative.

Our work and the experience of partnering with Bluedog shepherds a movement forward—for you, your team, and your business.

We don’t just build beautiful things, we build beautiful momentum.

Our tried and true approach is rooted in the principles of Design Thinking. After decades of practice, we’ve mastered the art of uncovering insights, the discipline of iterative design and innovation, the process of organizational buy-in and adoption, and the gift of translating complexity to clarity. We don’t just inspire progress, we make it happen—all within a journey that gives our partners deeper, more intuitive understanding of their consumers, businesses, and organizations.

Bluedog is a collaboration of experts…
In collective pursuit of possibilities.

We are a group of people who have cultivated unique talents in a variety of fields—science, business, research, design, entrepreneurship, creative writing, digital activation, culinary arts, live events—the list goes on. We came to Bluedog to practice our craft and expand its potential, and we expect the same of our partners.

Working with bluedog feels like magic.
They actually help us get to a significantly better place than we could have gotten to on our own.

Marketing Director, Wrigley


Our work is our passion.
Our space is our lab,
our studio, our place of inspiration.
Our drive is unstoppable.

We are more than just curious about the world, we are intentionally in the world.

Global Safari™ is a proprietary practice. We travel the world, our own cities and towns, and our day-to-day lives with eyes wide open. We’ve amassed thousands of artifacts and hundreds of insights against key emerging areas like Health & Wellness, Indulgence, Premium, Simplicity—to name just a few. This practice is the bedrock of our ability to remain one step ahead, to envision the future, and to imagine our partners’ brands and businesses there.

Amazing things are born from...
amazing people who thrive on their inner lightning.


KIN, Kellogg, Culinary Institute of America, Conquer

We're connected
to Connectors.

Fifty Gazelles is a sister consultancy to Bluedog that helps many of our clients complete the innovation value chain. They identify and structure external development, manufacturing, and distribution partnerships for companies so that they can bring new ideas to market quickly and with less risk. In a nutshell, they offer options at a stage in the innovation launch cycle when failure is not an option. Fifty Gazelles specializes in eleven different partnership models enabling everything from short-term production support to longer-term licensing or co-manufacturing agreements. In all instances, they uphold strict standards of quality, safety, and brand protection.

Fifty Gazelles


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Tin Star Ghee

A Rising Star

We love when we find small companies and brands with untapped potential waiting to emerge from the hearts and minds of their creators…Tin Star Foods is one such company.

After meeting and sampling the products of Hima Pandya, founder of Tin Star Foods, at the 2016 NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST SHOW, we couldn’t wait to help make her vision a reality: bring her simple, pure culinary indulgences to more people in more places. Our partnership was underway almost instantly, and in less than two months we developed an original and approachable brand identity and package design system that helped set the company on a course towards mass retail distribution.